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Sited directly off the creek banks of a tributary to the Guadalupe River, this floating structure was erected to serve as a sanctuary for both music and health. The program with-in the single volume space is two-fold, acting both as a yoga studio as well as a music room. The open plan and reclaimed sinker-cypress floor planks coupled with an array of specialty wall plates for yoga poses and stretches render this space ideal as a yoga and music studio. The dual corner windows flanking the lone steel column bath early morning light upon the baby-grand piano bounded by the two cypress walls that define an intimate space for personal musical reflection. Perfect acoustics are achieved through the wooden walls and floor, which direct and amplify the performance that resonates along the cypress tree lined creek bank.

The project was sited within the flood plain, and floats above the land, on oil rig steel pipe pilotes. The elevated perspective provides an intimate relationship and panoramic view to the river bank and waterfall dam of the West Sister Creek, a tributary to the Guadalupe River. Three miles away Frederick Law Olmsted described the heritage cypress tree lined horse shoe bend of this river as the prettiest place in Texas in his 1857 Journey Through Texas.

The use of reclaimed sinker cypress for both the floor and wall panels was selected to resonate with the scenic cypress trees which rise from the creek banks. The alternating bands of the board grain color subtly recall the earth strata displayed in boring logs and the super structure is made of welded oil field pipe, as homage to five generations of the family legacy within the oil industry.

Sustainable design elements include:

  • Use of reclaimed Cypress for floors and walls
  • High efficiency Mini-Split mechanical systems
  • Use of readily available Oil Industry Pipe for structure
  • Passive shading through deep overhangs

Principal: John J. Grable FAIA

Project Team: Matthew Martinez

General Contractor: Jeff Truax
Truax Construction

Engineer: Aaron Staas
Perspective Engineering

Photographer: John J. Grable FAIA & Matthew Martinez

Type: Outbuilding

Location: Sisterdale, TX

Building Area: 400 SQ. FT.

Status: Built October 2012

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